Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Rule

- Another installment in my series

Stories of the world during the time Winston Churchill lived in it: 1874 to 1965.

This will be the first non-Churchill-specific section in the book. The bulk of it will be stories concerning current events in Churchill's time on this Earth. We do not go to far from the main line of Churchill's life in this first outing. As it turned out, Home Rule for Ireland was to play a major part of both his father's career and his own.

What to do about Ireland? Disraeli expressed the Conservatives’ perplexity:

I want to see a public man come forward and say what the Irish question is. One says it is a physical question; another, it is a spiritual. Now it is the absence of aristocracy, then the absence of railroads. It is the Pope one day, potatoes the next.
He, and later the Churchills would have done better to focus on the individuals of Ireland owning their own land and their chronic poverty.

This series consists of short summaries for passages from the book that I am writing.

Other Installments of this series (in progress).

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