Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Time:  July 2, 1863
Place:  Little Round Top, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This hill is where the southernmost end of the Union line is anchored.  Confederates attack from the south, hoping to capture the hill and roll up the Union line.  Four regiments defend the hill for the Union.  285 men of the 20th. Maine are at the end.  If this regiment falls, then the other three will be hit from flank and rear and fall, too.  - And then the rest of the Union line.

After repulsing repeated assaults, the survivors of the 20th. Maine have no ammunition.

The Colonel orders the men to fix bayonets.  Then the bugler sounds the charge.  The 20th. Maine crashes into the oncoming Confederates.  The Confederates fell back.  The Union line held.

This is a day for remembering the heroism and sacrifices made by our armed forces.  And the lives paid in reparation for the evils of slavery in that war.

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