Friday, March 24, 2017

Hannibal at Battle of Zama

Hannibal defends Carthage in climatic battle of wars against Rome.  Scipio Africanus sets out to destroy Carthagian might and make Rome the dominant power in the west. The story of the Battle of Zama as told by the great historian of the Roman Republic, Livy.

Even those persons whose confidence in Scipio and hopes of victory were great, were affected with anxiety, increasing in proportion as they saw their completion approaching. The state of feeling among the Carthaginians was much the same; for when they turned their eyes on Hannibal, and the greatness of his achievements, they repented having solicited peace; but when again they reflected that they had been twice defeated in a pitched battle, that Syphax had been made prisoner, that they had been driven out of Spain and Italy, and that all this had been effected by the valor and conduct of Scipio alone, they regarded him with horror, as a general marked out by destiny, and born for their destruction. 

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