Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Favorite Social Media History

These are my go-to places.  What are yours?

Google Communities – History http://dld.bz/dTFsN
Google Collections – History Moments * http://dld.bz/fYSUT
Linked In Groups – History Enthusiasts http://dld.bz/fYSWD and Practical History http://dld.bz/fYSWV
Facebook Groups – History Group * http://dld.bz/d7uzu and  World History http://dld.bz/fYSXk
Pininterest Boards - History http://dld.bz/fYTbk
Tumblr Blogs – Ancient History Encyclopedia http://dld.bz/fYTd7
Twitter - @jacklemoine *

* I moderate this.

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