Friday, June 5, 2015

Again: Confucious

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Confucious was a great leader in China around 500 BC. Adventure, scandal, defeat, and triumph – these were the elements of his story. This was the man few knew, told by one of the greatest historians of the ancient eras China.

Every so often we like to resurrect an article from the blog’s past. This one is from December, 2014. – Just one of the gems buried in the blog’s archives.
Once again only, do we hear of Confucius presenting himself at the court of the duke after this. And this was on the occasion of the murder of the duke of T'se by one of his officers. We must suppose that the crime was one of a gross nature, for it raised Confucius' fiercest anger, and he who never wearied of singing the praises of those virtuous men who overthrew the thrones of licentious and tyrannous kings, would have had no room for blame if the murdered duke had been like unto Kee or Show. But the outrage was one which Confucius felt should be avenged, and he therefore bathed and presented himself at court.
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