Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Move With Us to Historyweblog.com

Yes, we have moved this blog to a newer and much improved site.  History Moments is now at historyweblog.com.  (Weblog. Do you remember that term before the two words were run together to form "blog",)  This blog is dramatically improved in every way.  Among the improvements:

  • Easier to Read.  Nice big fonts and clean layout.
  • Crisper images and improved visuals and audios for the multimedia.
  • Fast loading times using the latest Genesis Wordpress engine.
  • Multi-device responsiveness, looking good on any device of any size from the smart phone to the large inch tv.
  • Easy to remember address:  history+web+log = historyweblog.  Just add the .com and you've got it!
Then there's the biggest improvement:  Easier navigation.  A simple menu structure masks the powerful engine under the hood.  A brand new Table of Contents allows readers to access the blog's 550+ posts three ways:  geographic region, time period, or category of history.  For example, if you want to see what's in military history, just click and all of the blog's content will be available.  A brand new Index displaying every country, place, person, event, and thing in the blog functions like a top index at the end of the best magazines only now powered with the latest HTML 5 programming.

With a combination of bite-sized servings of the great historians writing of the most important topics, the lastest developments in the field of history, and original writing and thinking, History Moments is now firmly positioned to rise to the top history blog on the internet.  Period.

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