Saturday, November 5, 2016

Suez Conflict 60 Years Later

Was it a missed opportunity for America?  In 1956 Nassar of Egypt nationalized the Suez CanalGreat Britain and France began joint operations against Egypt to return the Canal to international control.  Israel invaded Egypt.  The US under Eisenhower objected to the operations and compelled the British and French to withdraw.

This article from The National (a newspaper from Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates) opines that after these events America could have got the Arab Middle East on its side by collaborating with the Arab governments on policies.  It is silent on moderating Arab anti-Israeli policy.

Here is the essay:

My own view is that for the US this was a short term triumph but it was a long term disaster.  After this debacle, the western European powers would never again engage in major foreign operations independent of the US.  From this point on the US would be stuck policing major international crisis, mostly alone, or with allies, still having to contribute the bulk of blood and treasure.

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